New Zealand

  • 06/03/2017
  • Full-Time

About the Job

• Welding of sinks , basins and other pressed products
• Fabricates with light gauge materials including fitting , welding and finishing of sheet metal components
• At other times of manufacture , you may be required to work in different areas
• Fits , welds, assembles and repairs pressure vessels and pipes for installation and operate machining tools.


• Studying drawings and specifications to determine suitable material, method and sequence of operations

• Fitting fabricated metal parts into products and assembling metal parts and subassemblies to produce machines and equipment

• Checking fabricated and assembled metal parts for accuracy, clearance and fit using precision measuring instruments

• Setting guides, stops and other controls on machining tools, setting up prescribed cutting and shaping tools and dies in machines and presses, and setting controls for textile machines

• Using machining tools to press, cut, grind, plane, bore and drill metal

• Cutting, threading, bending and installing hydraulic and pneumatic pipes and lines

• Preparing pattern mechanisms to control the operation of textile machines used to spin, weave, knit, sew and tuft fabric

• Diagnosing faults and performing operational maintenance of machines, and overhauling and repairing mechanical parts and fluid power equipment

• Erect machines and equipment on-site

All the above to current legislative standards, to prevailing performance standards and in accordance with the procedures.

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