Immigration Advice for New Zealand

Temporary Work Visa

This visa is a temporary visa to allow a successful applicant to live and work in New Zealand temporarily. The most common situation is when you have an offer of employment from a New Zealand employer. Partners of work visa holders may also be eligible to apply for a work visa without them needing their own job offer. There are a number of factors to consider when applying for a work visa and how you apply and for how long will depend on what your future plans are. Some work visas can lead on to permanent residence and others will not. By discussing your plans with a licensed immigration adviser they will be able to advise you clearly on what steps you should take at each stage. In addition you may have a partner or children who will need to apply for a visa if they are to join you in New Zealand.

Skilled Migrant Visa

If you are a skilled worker New Zealand is looking for you! Permanent residency is available with this visa and gives you the opportunity to bring your family with you to enjoy what the country has to offer.

The Skilled Migrant Category is designed to allow those applicants who have a skilled occupation to live and work in New Zealand permanently. It is a points based system where an applicant is given points for various factors. Those applicants who can meet the threshold of 100 points are eligible to lodge an expression of interest (EOI)under this category, however applicants who have lodged an EOI are then ranked in order of points claimed and are selected subject to a pre-defined system. There is therefore no guarantee that you will be selected should you reach the 100 points. An applicant that is selected at this stage will usually be invited to apply for a permanent residence. It is important that applicants are aware of how to accurately claim points and what combination will be required to improve their likelihood of selection from the EOI pool. The Licensed Immigration Adviser at One World Resourcing can assist in ensuring that you are claiming all relevant points and are aware of what will put you in the best position for acceptance.

Business and Investor Visas

If you have business experience or funds to invest into New Zealand then you may be eligable under one of the business or investor visas. New Zealand welcomes those applicants who can contribute to the economic growth of the country. These categories are not straightforward due to the nature of the evidence required to satisfy Immigration New Zealand that you are a successful business person. Your application may be for a temporary visa which leads on to permanent residence provided you are successful, or it may be for a permanent visa initially. Due to the time and costs involved in such applications it is wise to use a Licensed Immigration Adviser who can ensure you are applying under the most appropriate category and can assist with explaining what evidence you will need to provide to Immigration New Zealand to submit a strong application.

Family Categories

If you are related to a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident then you may be eligible to apply for permanent residence based on this relationship. Currently this is limited to partners, parents or dependent children of New Zealand citizens or permanent residents. Each category has specific eligibility requirements which your Licensed Immigration Adviser can discuss with you to assess whether you are eligible.